Three Rivers Community Care

We are very excited to introduce a collaboration that is beginning at Maestro Minds! In conjunction with Three Rivers Community Care, we will be offering Developmental Musical Growth Groups for ages 3-5, Musical Social Groups for Elementary, Middle School, and High School students, and Adaptive and Inclusive Rock Bands for the 3 age groups.
All of the groups are inclusive and Miss Miranda, a familiar face at Maestro Minds, will be implementing her training and PA board certification as a Music Therapist to facilitate these wonderful groups!
Inclusive Music Therapy Group
  • Taught by Board Certified Therapist Miranda Murphy
  • For elementary students in grades 1-6
  • Tuesdays, 5:30-6:15pm, January 17-March 7 (8 week session)
  • No previous music experience necessary
  • Use music to explore yourself!
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