Shannon Herdman

Welcome to our newest instructor, Shannon Herdman!  Shannon is offering adding some exciting classes including Composition, Music History, Music Theory, and Orchestration, along with Percussion both melodic and rhythmic, Voice, Viola, and Cello lessons!  Read on to learn more about Shannon!  ⬇️
Shannon grew up in the Derry/Blairsville area and attended Derry Area High School.  She has been involved with music since she was eight years old and has learned multiple instruments and taught herself percussion along the way.  Shannon expanded her musical talents and abilities by attending Westminster College and received her BA in Music in 2020.  She has been a freelance musician and has been teaching private lessons for years and enjoys seeing musicians grow in their excitement and abilities.  Shannon is accepting new students for various instruments including Percussion, Voice, Viola, and Cello along with classes in Composition, Music History, Music Theory, and Orchestration.  Welcome, Shannon!